07 March, 2009

International Mother Language Day

Among thousands of languages, mother language is the language by which people can express his thoughts. Every person has his own mother language, which bears his identity. Our mother language is Bangla, which was established as official language by bloods of martyrdom during Pakistan period. Only Bangali nation has sacrificed souls for language. Students proceeding with cortege in highway of Dhaka in 21st February 1952, breaking 144 rule for want of bangle language as their mother language. Rafiq, Salam, Borkot, Jobbar and to name a few were killed along with so many people when police fired on cortege. At last, it was established our demand of Bangla as mother language. Some people in India are also sacrificed their souls for demand of Bangla. Almost 22 people were died for Bangla from 1952 to 1986. so international mother language day is very valuable. To establish 21st February as international mother language day, contribution of Mr. Rafiqul Islam is praise worthy who lived in Canada. He was the founder of a multinational company “Mother Language Lover of the World”. Mr. Rafiqul Islam offer to the secretary general of United Nation Coffee Anan to establish 21st February as International Mother Language Day. But he advised to contact with UNESCO, for it was the perfect organization for the issue of language. But UNECO informed him that it would not acceptable from any private organization or personnel. Then Mr. Rafiq contacted the foreign minister of Bangladesh in France and permanent member in UNESCO of Bangladesh Soiyed Moazzen Ali. He also contacted senior officer of UNESCO Tozammel (Tony) Hoque. Both of them showed Mr. Rafiq how to proceed for this issue and how to contact with Bangladesh government. Then our UNESCO national commission and Education ministry presented it to the former prime minister Shaikh Hasina after finalizing the procedure. Our prime minister permitted the issue quickly. Former education minister A.S.H.K Sadeq represented Bangladesh group in the general conference of UNESCO from 25ht October to 2nd November 1999. in 36th October secretariat of UNESCO published the issue as rough. At last in 17th November 1999 it was accepted in the general conference and declared 21st February as the International Mother Language Day. Since 21st February, 2000 International Mother Language Day has been observing. To declare Mother Language day by the United Nation is a great acquire for us. We hope to hold this acquire by properly respecting our Bangla Language.

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