01 May, 2011

Producing Electricity from Bryophyllum Plants

Bryophyllum plant can produce electricity. Bryophyllum plant is known as “Pathorkuchi” in Bangladesh. But it bears different names in different countries. In fact its scientific name is Bryophyllum. Its leaf is used as herbal medicine for various diseases. For this it is called Miracle Leaf.
Leaves of Bryophyllum plant contain Acidic Hydrogen Ion and Alkaline Hydroxile Ion. Acidic hydrogen ion helps to produce electricity. The leaf contains 78% acidic hydrogen ion. That is why the juice of this leaf can be used for the purpose of producing electricity.

Mechanism for production of electricity:
In order to produce electricity from the leaf of the Bryophyllum, first of all, its leaves have to be blended by blenders as such. Thereafter a mixture, containing pest and water with proportion 8:1, will have to be prepared. Then after pouring such mixture in to a plastic pot an Bronze and a Zink plate are to be merged in to the mixture. And then and there, a chemical reaction is taken place, which in turn, creates positive and negative potentiality. As a result the conduction of electricity is created. And thus electricity can be produced for usage. In order to get much more electricity many plants of Bronze and Zink are to be kept under the mixture parallely. In other words, the larger quantity of mixture and the larger numbers of such plates the quantity of electricity is produced.

Growing Bryophyllum is very much easy. This plant grows whether its leaf is kept on the ground. This plant can be cultivated in a vested land, roof top of house, couryard ward and tubs whatsoever. Its leaves can be used for producing electricity within a month of cultivation of the plants. Once a mixture is prepared for producing electricity, it serves the purpose for one month continuously. By that time new leaf can be found from the plants, which will be used again for producing electricity. It is observed that to produce 50 kilowatt electricity 400 kg of leaves are required.