29 April, 2014

Story of Wallpaper of Windows XP

Many of us know the story of the background picture of Windows XP. But Microsoft Corporation is again recalling to all the popular background wallpaper of Windows XP. Every windows xp user of the world can see this wallpaper in their desktop when they open the computer. Most of us believe that Windows XP is the last user friendly operating system of Microsoft Corporation. On April 8, 2014, Microsoft Corporation stopped the up gradation facility of this operating system and also stopped for helping of any technological problem for this OS. In spite of it, millions of computer users are still using the operating system since long. 30% of computer users are using Windows XP in their computer. Microsoft Corporation has uploaded 9 (nine) minutes video in youtube.com where the story of most seen picture of the world come out.

Charles O'Rear (born 1941), a photographer, has taken this popular photo in 1996 although the photo became popular when it was seen in Windows XP in 2001. Microsoft Corporation bought the photo from O’Rear. He has described the story of this photo in the said Microsoft video in youtube. 

He had to wait long for a nice photo like it. He did not think that simple photo will be a popular photo though Microsoft. O’Rear has taken this photo form Napa Valley in USA in a beautiful sunny day. His photo became the most seen photo in computer of the world though Windows XP. O’Rear said that he was in love at the time of taking the photo and he alone went to see his beloved by driving car with the camera with him. He always searched around him for a nice natural scene to take a photo. He kept his eyes on the both sides of the road when he would drive. The day was as usual when he took the photo by his camera. There were Small Mountain with grapes tree lying on there. It was month of January and Napa valley was covered with green tree and the sun was lighting the valley. It was an amazing scene and he stopped the car for looking the beauty of the nature. He was astonished for this beautiful scene and took 4(four) photos with his camera. According to him, he just took those photos catering the needs of his profession. Later on Microsoft Corporation choose a photo from these photos.  He said many of the photographers have taken photo from that area but he was lucky because he got the desired light for taking a photo at that moment. There was no cloud in the sky when he sets his camera for taking the photo, but suddenly white clouds came in the sky. Besides appropriate light also came at the time of taking photo and he was one of the lucky person to capture the light in his camera. Once he worked as photographer of “National Geography” magazine. He took photos as freelancer, resigning form his previous job when he had taken the photo. His eyes really found the beauty of blue sky with green field. The photo was taken from his personal likening. The photo was seen millions of time by the world’s people. Many of us don’t know whose photo is it, and O’Rear informed us through this video that once in a competition, so many people answered the photo was edited with Photoshop when they were asked about the name of the photographer. He also said that it was a simple photo and since it was wonderful so many of us become surprised to find the change. He sent these photos to Microsoft and almost forgot about it. One day the agent of Microsoft called him and informed that Microsoft wanted the original photos from him and he felt to win the lottery. He did not think that this photo might change his life. He said that it may be most known photo and it will be even known to any village people of Bangladesh and also known to anybody in a busy road of China. He hopes, the young generation at present will once tell the story of this photo because they will feel this photo as most known to them.

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