24 September, 2010

Control or operate others computer from your own pc from any where in the world

Do you know that it is possible to control or operate any computer of the world from your own computer? Yes, it is possible now. But its not hacking. To do it you have to use “Teamviewer” software. With the help of this software you can copy, paste, transfer, install any file to others computer from your computer wherever the computer in the world. But both the computers must have internet connections to use Teamviewer. Lets the things describe easily with an example.
If you are staying in India and your friend is staying in USA, then you are interested you teach your friend something new or you want to transfer some file like mp3, word file etc. to your friends computer who is in USA. In doing so both of you have to download and install “Teamviewer” from www.teamviewer.com . Register it with ID and password. Now you are going to logon to your friend’s pc. First of all, collect the ID and password from your friends through e-mail, phone or sms. Now open the Teamviewer from your computer and login with your friends ID and password. Make sure at that moment your friend’s computer is open and connected with net. Teamviewer will analyze ID and password and within few minutes you can see the desktop of your friend’s pc. Now you can easily enter my computer of the pc or run any program or copy, paste, transfer any file. But both of yours computer have to be open and connected with net until process going on. After completing your task logout from Teamviewer and now you can see your own desktop again. Similarly your friend can visit your computer with your given ID and password. But do not do it with unknown people, it may be dangerous from your pc. You can visit your friend’s pc as much as you both want and stay connected as much time as you want with this wonderful Teamviewer software. Hope you can enjoy Teamviewer with your friends.

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