17 October, 2010

Intel Core i3, i5, i7; which processor is for you?

Microprocessor of Intel is the most popular now in a day. Intel is researching about computer’s data and information and also developing processor day by day. The latest processor of Intel is core i3, i5 and i7. Before you buy computer, you should know which processor is perfect for you because the working method of each processor is different and also their prices.

It is the high time to buy core processor. Core processor will be popular for the next few years. If we see the core 2 due processor which was launched in 2006 but now these processor are already out of market. The latest invented processors of Microsoft are core i3, i5 and i7. Now I will try to describe these processors individually.

Core i3
This processor is the cheap processor among all core processors. It has achieved popularity among the home users. Core i3 is based on duel core; it has hyper threading support and virtual environment. It supports 64-bit of windows operating system. It support new chipset of intel and 32 nanometer technology and can work nearly core 2 quad processor. But whether you will buy it or not depends on your tasks in your pc. If you only use computer writing, browsing net and e-mail, then core i3 is more than your need.

Core i5
It is the medium level latest processor of intel. It will supply extra speed relating to the program of computer. It you play solitaire game then you cannot feel the difference of core i3 and i5. But if you edit more than one file in adobe flash at a time then you can see the specialty of core i5. Core i5 has launched in two different technologies- Dual core and quad core. Dual core i-5 has 32 manometer technology, hyper threading, virtualization support and turbo boost technology. In quad core i5 has 45 manometer technology, virtualization support and turbo boost technology, but no hyper threading. To edit video or playing game in computer, core i5 is perfect. If you want to use more programs at a time then core i5 is fit for you.

Core i7
The last and the most wanted Microsoft is core i7. Its price is also high. The core i7 has launched in two different technologies. It has two different chipsets. LGA1156 chipset and LGA1366 chipset are two different chipsets of core i7 processor. Both chipsets has quad core technology, virtualization, hyper technology. But core i7 series 9XX processor are more faster than others, where 1366 chipset are used and it treat as the greatest processor now a day. Core i7 is the excess than the need of normal users. It is the fastest and latest technology of intel processor. If you work with different programs at the same time such as editing video, rendering etc. then core i7 is perfect for you.

If you decide to buy core i7 then I will suggest you to wait for few months because Intel will release their latest core i9 processor within few months. The speed of the processor is marked on it, for example 2.4 gigahertz is replaced by 3.0 gigahertz. This value indicates only the clock speed. Whether you buy core i3, i5 or i7 you will get obviously a quality processor.

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