17 January, 2016

CES 2016: Chinese believe drone that moves people, it is basically a helicopter

Tired of traffic makes you lose several hours every day? Have you dreamed of flying to be the envy of all pedestrians and, in general, users of public or private transport? If so, then the "184," a drone created by the Chinese company Ehang is what you need. It is basically a helicopter where simplicity comes first.

Presented at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), developed in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA), this drone can only move a passenger who can only carry a small piece of luggage during the 23 minutes of continuous use before needing recharge energy.

The "184" is light enough, a mere 200 kilograms. Takeoff does not require a runway, then raise verficalmente only to then move. The user does not require complex skills pilot, since only have to press a few buttons on the panel type tablet built where the destination is indicated. The drone does the rest.

Ehang says that the 184, which is fully electric devise, can carry only a single passenger up to 10 miles or roughly 23 minutes of flight. The visitor or the person in the cockpit doesn’t do any piloting, he/she just input their destination and enjoy the ride in the air. The 184 will do all the rest of tasks for us. The aircraft claims to be able to autonomously take off, fly a route, sense obstacles, and land. And if anything goes wrong, a human pilot is supposed to step in and take over the controls from a remote command station. So we don't need to worry while arriving in the air with 184.

According to its creators, the drone is safer than a helicopter to include four propellers, as well as "multiple reservations energy" and execute the program that will land at the first sign of technical problems. This new technology of helicopter will become more popular gradually and more facilities will be included in the helicopter day by day. It is the first invented technology in 2016.

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