16 January, 2016

The most popular desserts

We all know that one of the most complicated things in planning a wedding or any event is choosing the food, especially the desserts! They should be delicious, decorative and go with current trends, the season, the occasion, etc. There are many things to consider but we want to help you decide about the right desserts for different occasions to have your table of sweets.
Simple trends

For those who enjoy a more home-style, they can relax and breathe easier because it is fashionable and homely today. Such as artisan ice cream with the indicated temperature can function as a very good snack spring wild fruit or mint with dark chocolate pieces for summer. There are many options to surprise the palate of your guests, dare to experiment!

If you want to go for a safer option, one of the most popular desserts which has continued to the head since last year, they are infallible macarons for a color matching your wedding. They can be colored to give pretty pastels or, if you prefer the local sweets, chocolate or vanilla suffice is the recommendation in this case.

Sweet salty?

It has become very common components used in desserts salty as sea salt or bacon. It sounds strange, but the truth is that the combination is surprisingly delicious. For the less daring, you better play it safe and use only small hints of salt, while the most extravagant may experience more. Either way, it is a technique that gives the dessert a very particular contrast and certainly tasty.

The wedding cakes are in many trends in appearance, but what about the taste? Vanilla is still the favorite, looking combinations with seasonal fruits when the event is something a little more rustic. The single glazed with butter cream or Italian meringue is very fashionable and give your cake a much more provocative aspect.

Great and healthy fashions

Speaking of cookies, another thing that can not miss on any party today are cupcakes. Really this dessert has been among the first and for a few years, but I do not get tired of it. Today is better to make miniature versions for your candy table, choosing less conventional flavors like chocolate and hazelnut cream, herbal liqueur, fruit with cream cheese or a red velvet infallible.

Everything sounded really delicious but it is undeniable that we are in the fitness wave, so among the most popular desserts are also those without sugar and / or gluten. Many people have chosen to eliminate these ingredients from their diet for health, although it sounds complicated. Sugar has many substitutes and gluten, although it is a little harder, too.

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