22 January, 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 5: A tablet that does not exaggerate in size

Continuing the trend of phablets, Samsung launched its Galaxy Note in December 5,2015. This equipment is seeking a more executive target audience, but also artistic. Samsung surprised in 2015 with the launch of its Galaxy S6, potential smartphone features and elegant design. They released after their teams followed a similar line (especially in design). Thus, the Galaxy Note 5, on the outside, it's like having a much larger Galaxy S6. Inside, it contains interesting properties. In this article I shall tell you how it went.

Galaxy Note 5

Display : 5.7 "HD Super AMOLED Quad
Weight : 171 g
Dimensions : 153.2x76.1x7.6mm
Processor : Exynos 7420 64bit
Memory : 4GB RAM / 32GB internal (not expandable)
Operating system : Android 5.1 Lollipop
Front Camera : 5MP
Rear Camera : 16 MP with Flash
Battery : 3000 mAh (fast and wireless charging)
WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth
No radio

-As mentioned at the beginning, much of the design is similar to Galaxy S6. As can be seen, the terminal is made of metal. Its edges are also covered with metal and foleados edges.

-The top is located the slot for the chip in the side Start button and volume controls are located.

-In The bottom is the entrance to the headphones, parlamtes, the port for the charger and the S-Pen. Yes, Note 5 has a small pen that contains several features which will be discussed below lines.

To the touch, the team is usually pretty safe. The edges to provide the necessary equipment will not slip out of hand strength.

Okay noted that the screen has a slight curve and the back is coated with a glass layer. While this design seeks to give elegance to the smartphone, you should consider: a strong frequency of use, fingerprints are marked in Note 5 and appears to be dirty.

The Size is ideal. The problem of acquiring tablets is always how large can be and how light can be. The Note 5 has found appropriate to be considered a tablet without being a nuisance in your pocket dimensions. Now ... if you use a housing or additional shield, yes it will be great.
It Has 4 GB of RAM, but only 1GB is free to use. This plays a bit against the operation of the phone considering that the processor is of high quality. True to form, it has a Samsung Exynos processor. This Note has a 64-bit core octa really works perfectly. There were no problems in its operation.

Android Lollipop is installed in the set with high performance. The Interface is reminding the Tizen Samsumg using some teams like the recently launched Gear S2 but still usually a nice design.
Its camera is the excellent of the best on the market. Today, this camera could compete with Huawei Mate S. However, the advantage of this machine is that it preserves its resolution pictures even at night. Here are some photos.

I surprised with the quick charge function because it really is very fast. In 20 minutes, the Note 5 and to have achieved 80% charged. Its duration is also appropriate: to one day intensive. It is also fast with wireless charging.
The Extra Note 5 is this little pencil that sits at the bottom and that allows us to make notes as if it were a notebook. It is appreciated that, for it to work, we should not necessarily go to an application. Just remove the S Pen from the Note 5, an off screen where you can annotate saved then be activated.

'Of course also the active screen while we enter the application and perform write down easily. Bringing the pen to the screen and clicking on the button with the S Pen, various functions are activated just as interesting.
The Note 5 can also be used for drawing lovers. His application for designs is really complete. Here are some samples of drawings in Note 5.

It's true that drawing app Samsung is not superior to the ones already in the online store. It was compared with Artflow a free app download playstore and its functions were higher. However, allowing the Note 5 is still remarkable compared to what they can offer other equipment.

Additional Notes to be considered Display : Dela screen brightness is really nice. This is accomplished by properly distinguish all colors without being saturated. Even in very bright environments, the Note 5 behaves in the best way.
No radius has : It's something you have to learn to live. Many high-end devices, for some strange reason, are failing to include radio. Being even close to radio Peruvian market, this should be a consideration for manufacturers.
No Wireless charging adapter : The Note 5 only brings the USB charger. The wireless charging can be performed with any receiver even from other brands.
Fingerprint : The start button is to turn the fingerprint reader. It does not work very well and is really uncomfortable if you want to activate it with your thumb. It is not aesthetically simple.
Function Multiwindow : Quality interesting, but sometimes presents its problems. Sometimes it is activated by accident.

The Note 5 becomes a team that stands on any other smartphone so good care of its size and its functions. However, details such as the RAM and how dirty it can get to be can subtract points. The design is nice and the resolution itself are appropriate.

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