23 January, 2016

HTC introduces the Live Preview, the next generation of its virtual reality system

At CES 2016 event, HTC unveiled the second generation of this technological device.
The Taiwanese manufacturer HTC, a pioneer in smart technologies innovation, announced new developments in the lives VR system representing the next step to take virtual reality to the mass market. Pre Lives in each of the components have been redesigned from the ground up for maximum comfort, ergonomics and performance. This device creates a world without limits with incredible advances in both image quality and versatility,

Cher Wang, the president and CEO of HTC said that when they first announced the launch of Vive, they had an ambitious goal that was essentially change the way people communicate and interact with the world. Since then, Vive has had a positive reception from the press, critics of the industry, consumers and hundreds of partners and brands. They have worked to offer VR content innovative and dynamic. For a long time, the promise of virtual reality has been little more than a promise. Cher Wang also added that from that day, they are on the edge of a new era. Live will create a world where the only limit is the imagination.

New Town Live

Live hull design has been improved to offer greater convenience to the user, to increase the sense of immersion in virtual worlds he creates. Now the town is more compact and has a belt design that provides improved stability and balance.

Enhanced visual system, with brighter and detailed images, provides greater clarity and feeling even more intense presence. Inside, the helmet has padded supports for accessories and interchangeable nose, meaning that Live Pre adapts to user comfort and safety. Pre lives can also be easily adapted to a variety of facial shapes and supports wide variety of lenses.

Integrated front camera

Pre lives brings elements of the real to the virtual world. A newly designed front camera allows us to do many things both inside and outside the virtual world to the physical elements merge with the virtual space. You could sit, drink and find your talks without removing the helmet is just the beginning of all, that will be achieved.

Greater control

To complete the experience, RV Vive controls were revised with updated and improved ergonomics and softer edges, more balance, new textured buttons and pads to hold and give more comfort to our hands. The new dual-stage trigger makes the interaction with objects more fluid, tactile information and sends crucial information about our interaction with the virtual world. To load energy controls, it has feature of built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery with charging via micro-USB which offers more than 4 hours on a single charge batteries. Base stations Vive also designed to make them more compact, quiet and offer a tracking improved.

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