26 January, 2016

Stylized your tablet with the new Universal Design Line covers Hama

Stylized your tablet with the new Universal Design Line covers HamaMadrid. The manufacturer of accessories for technology products Hama brings new universal tablet covers, Design Line Design Line Wild Stripes and Leo, with which you can give a proper, personalized and totally fashionable style to your device. Made from polyurethane, these new products feature a highly durable exterior that is able to protect your tablet for any fall or blow to that you can see above, keeping your computer without any damage. Comfort and functionality is another feature of these accessories. You can locate your tablet in the position more suited to the task or action you are performing for more comfortable use. At the same time, it includes a reinforced rubber bands offer optimal grip. Also, these new universal covers tablets have different openings for connections, so no need to worry about removing it every time you go to load the computer or connect headphones.

But if there is a feature in highlighting this new line of covers for tablet is in its attractive design: first, the model Design Line Stripes, offers a more classic look, in white and accompanied by a stylish horizontal stripes in blue or green. Meanwhile, Leo Wild Line Design, has a more daring by mixing black with leopard texture in brown or gray appearance. Two different options will suit your style completely.
Price and product availability Stripes Design Line model is available in blue and turquoise with a recommended price of € 14.99 for 7-8 tablets "(20.32cm) and 19.99 € for the choice of 10" (25,7cm). On the other hand, Leo Wild Desing Line is available in brown and gray for € 14.99 recommended the small size 7-8 tablets "(20.32cm) and € 19.99 for 10" price (25,7cm).
For more information, please visit http://www.hama.es. About Hama Hama is one of the leading manufacturers of accessories for technology products worldwide. Headquartered in Monheim (Germany) and about 2,500 employees worldwide, Hama continues to grow thanks to its wide range of products, including all kinds of accessories for PCs, laptops, navigation, both mobile and fixed, television, photography and digital video cameras, consoles, etc.
Hama attaches great importance to quality in manufacturing and management, always investing in the latest technology. In its laboratories, equipped with the best equipment, a group of specialists ensure that all Hama products meet international quality standards.

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