26 January, 2016

Cruises avoid making stops in Turkey

Travelers who have hired one of MSC cruises do not have to worry about a stopover in Turkey. The dramatic events produced in Turkey recently have led some tourism companies to take drastic not jeopardize its passengers decisions. Now, the decision has also been reflected in the roadmap of MSC Cruises, a company that has a large presence in the international market.
The company has unveiled the decision in a statement that wants to serve as a basis for its customers to be calm about not encounter any problem arising from what is happening in Turkey. There will be no scale in Turkish ports, at least until the situation changed again and everything returns to normal.

When asked what will happen to the scales had planned, which thought MSC Cruises is in trade for stops in other places that are equally interesting. For example, the cruise ship MSC Magnifica intended to make several stops in Turkey that will be replaced with stops at various places in Greece. This will benefit travelers with the opportunity to spend a while in the ports of Mykonos and Athens.

The company mentioned that after much thought they concluded that this was the best decision they could take because of questions and concerns that had expressed its customers in recent days. Some people, who had contracted cruise through nearby Turkey or with stopovers in this country destinations, have arisen, if they do not encounter problems when walked on earth. Since cruises are made in order to unwind, relax and enjoy a completely different days, without worrying about nothing, the last thing travelers want is to have to be aware, if there is any incident in the places they visit.

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