24 January, 2016

Five technologies that set the trend in 2016

The expansion of new technologies is to simplify our lives with greater benefits. The technology is growing rapidly which helps consumer increasingly required innovative products that enable them to facilitate their daily lives. Here are five technologies that already set trends in the world and hope to expand further in year 2016.

Wireless charging of mobile devices

In smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S6 was the forerunner in terms of no cord to recharge batteries in cell phones. Also, Apple has already incorporated this mode with the induction charging of Apple Watch. Meanwhile Starbucks already offers wireless charging tables in its stores in different countries which certainly contributes to its mass and will trend in most public places.

More human robots are incorporated into daily life

Operated by voice commands allow devices to help families in terms of education because they facilitate academic tasks of school. Device as Dino CogniToys IBM Watson used to answer questions contributes to pedagogy in schools worldwide and it is expected to expand this year. Also Jibo, a robot that will help solve housework allowing a personal assistant to be housewives.

Most advanced wireless headphones

Thanks to advances in Bluetooth technology, the sound quality has improved. This causes the headphones are essential for many people. However, it has managed to perfect these products and Bragi Dash and Alpha Skybuds, headphones do not need to connect between the ears as traditional as these are introduced directly into the ear opening as assistive listening devices. These models do not need wire generate, the disappearance of the headphone outputs of the smartphones. This will allow manufacturers like Apple and Samsung to offer increasingly thin models.

Wearables more functional

After the sale of nearly seven million since its launch Apple Watch market growth, this is expected. Thus Microsoft enters race to innovate new band supports both Windows Phone as iOS and Android. It should be noted that just as the traditional heart measurements, sleep and calories, also provides access to email and calendar alerts.

More sophisticated cameras

Undoubtedly, one of the best additions of camera is in the mobile devices, but increasingly improving image quality and depth of capture. It should be noted Intel RealSense your presentation on your tablet and notebook models with the recognition of facial expressions. Besides the Revolutionary Camera Light L16 DSLR quality with which you can edit from the device and Wi-Fi built.

No doubt that these five technology products will trend this year due to the characteristics of each as simplify our life and thanks to its early expansion worldwide.

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